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Benefits of Consultation and Treatment

  • Suboxone treatment helps in preventing opioid withdrawal symptoms including heroin withdrawal.
  • Suboxone has a milder withdrawal and detoxification process than other medications.
  • Suboxone treatment is a much safer alternative to conventional medications and treatment options for opioid addiction.
  • The effects of treatment are long-lasting. The patient is kept under the supervision of a doctor who determines the appropriate dosage of medicine.
  • The treatment lowers health risks for patients involved in IV drug use.
  • Because Suboxone helps to treat opioid addiction withdrawals and cravings, the patient can fully concentrate on the treatment and recovery.
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What is Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone is an opioid prescription drug used to treat opioid dependence. It can be used as an induction agent to stabilize someone in withdrawal during the medical detoxification process as well as for maintenance treatment to promote recovery from opioid use disorder (OUD).

Suboxone use for treating OUD disorder is not merely substituting one addiction for another, but rather helping people control their previously compulsive and harmful opioid use, allowing them to resume a normal, more healthy life.

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Ditch opioids before it is too late with the help of Suboxone Treatment.

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